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From the Files of the Batcomputer

"Lost Pilot Episode"

"Jim Beard on GOTHAM CITY 14 MILES and the Relevance of BATMAN 66"

"First Season Overview and

Lego Ideas Batmobile 66 Designer Sam Gras"

"DragonCon 2014

Batman's 75th Anniversary Panel"

"Batman 66 Week - Bat Villains"

"Batman 66 Week - Bat-Gadgets"

"Batman 66 Week - Bat-Traps"

"Batman 66 Week - Bat-Marathon"

"Leonard Swartz on Co-Creator:

Bill Finger - The Man Behind the Bat"

"The Batmobile"

"Cosplayer Bob DeSimone"

"Batman 66 Merchandise"

"William Dozier"

"Holy Birthday, Burt Ward!"

"Holy Special Guests! -

A Conversation with Burt Ward"

"Adam West at New York Comic Con"

"The Producers of

The Return of the Caped Crusaders"

"Wonder Woman: Who's Afraid of Diana Prince?"

Pat Evans on The Beat of the Bat

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Batcomputer 49.jpeg

"Batman 66 Week - Bat-Moments"

"Batman 1966 DVD Review"

"Warner Brothers Batman 66

Replacement Disc Program"

"A Tribute to Yvonne Craig"

"Second Season Review"

"Not Just Batman's Butler

The Autobiography of Alan Napier"

"Batman 66 Cover Artist Michael Allred"

"Return of the Caped Crusader Trailer Review"

"A Bat-Tastic Adam West Birthday!"

"Quick Thoughts on

The Return of the Caped Crusaders"

"Third Season Overview"

"Dick Tracy: The Plot to Kill NATO"

Reis O'Brien on Funko's Batman 66 Line

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