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Podcasts by the Season and Bonus Features

Season One

A short season as ABC brought in Batman as a mid-season replacement to help with their struggling network.  Despite poor audience testing scores, ABC premiered the first episode which immediately captured the nation's imagination.  A total of 34 half-hour episodes were produced and was quickly followed by a theatrical movie that summer.  It seemed the age of Batman was assured when people refered to the "Three B's".  But was it?

Season Two

The first full season of the series was a mix of highs and lows.  But it's the lows that the fans seem to remember more as guest star appearances trumped practical storylines.  It was no wonder that towards the end of the season, there were hints of something afoot as Commissioner Gordon spoke with his daughter Barbara on the phone.

Season Three

The Dynamic Duo became the Terrific Trio in the third and final season with the introduction of Batgirl to the series.  And with her introduction went many of the elements of the series that fans loved, be it the two night, two part stories or even the simple Batfight music.  While there were moments of humor and brilliance, it was outweighed by overly choreographed fight that looked more like dance movements than actual battles or the third wheel relegation of Robin in most episodes.

The Adventures of Batman and Robin

As the series reviews were coming to an end, John began watching the 1968 Filmation cartoon. In watching it, he realized that the show was heavily influenced by the 66 series.  So, John, along with Dan Greenfield of explore all sixteen episodes of the Saturday morning series.

From the Files of the Batcomputer

Whether it's a season wrap-up or an interview with a fan or a person involved with the series, this collection of podcasts should be considered the bonus features of the podcast.

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