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From the Files of the Batcomputer 45

Burt Ward on the Hollywood Museum Batman 66 Exhibit

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Burt Ward at NYCC 2017

Burt Ward, Robin the Boy Wonder himself, returns to the Batcave to talk with John and Dan Greenfield of 13th Dimension about the upcoming Batman 66 exhibit at The Hollywood Museum (opening January 12).  He tells us who is really the inspiration for the exhibit, talks about his friend and co-star Adam West, and gives us the ingredients of the Robin the Boy Wonder Hot Dog that will debut at Pink's Hot Dogs on January 9.

Plus, Burt has exciting news about distribution of his Gentle Giants Dog Food, making it easier to obtain for your dog.  Also, he tells us how Gentle Giants is branching into a new line of pet food for your felines.

Links to Gentle Giants

Homepage for Dogfood

Homepage for Rescue Service



For ticket information on the exhibit head on over to The Hollywood Museum.


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Burt mentioned an Inside Edition piece that was produced about Gentle Giants and his dog, Tina.  

Burt also mentioned the Batman 66 slot machine.  Here's Adam West introducing the first one.

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