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From the Files of the Batcomputer 38

William Shatner on Batman Vs. Two-Face from New York Comic Con 2017

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Last year's The Return of the Caped Crusader proved so popular, it only made sense that a sequel would be developed.  And how does one raise the stakes for a sequel?  You bring in the legendary William Shatner to voice a villain many fans hoped to see in the original run of the 66 series - Two-Face.  

As we did last year, we're bringing you a series of interviews that were conducted at a press junket for the new movie, Batman Vs. Two-Face, at New York Comic Con 2017.  Dan Greenfield of 13th Dimension got to sit right next to Shatner and he was generous with his time in discussing the movie, how he approached the role, and the fascination of discussing the dual nature of man. 

Check out all the coverage 13th Dimension has given to this movie by clicking on the link.

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