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From the Files of the Batcomputer 42

Locations of the Batman 66 Series

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Throughout the run of the podcast, we have often commented on the various locations used in the show and joked about how fora New York-like locale, Gotham City looked a lot like California.  John decided to bring together two fans who have made an extensive study of the locations of the series to have a talk.  They discuss the confusion some have over the locations at the Warner, Fox and Culver City lot, the fact that the front and rear of police headquarters are two different locations, and what locations a Bat-fan can visit today without causing any legal problems.


Check out the video tour Scott Sebring shot over at the 66 message board by clicking on the link. 


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"Ben Bentley is an internationally published music photographer and Bat-Fan based in the United Kingdom. When Ben isn't behind the camera, you can find him sharing his lifelong love of Adam West's TV Batman as a co-moderator over at the 1966 Batman Message Board ( Having traveled to California several times to attend conventions and hang out with Bat-friends, Ben has been lucky enough to try on one of Adam's original screen worn Cowls, meet several surviving cast members from the show and even run up and down the steps of Gotham City Police Headquarters in his own Adam West Batsuit. 


You can keep up to date with Ben's photographic work over on his blog... or why not come and join Scott, Ben and the gang at the internet's longest standing 1966 TV Batman message board...

I’m originally from a place called Bradenton in Florida.  I lived there until I turned twenty three and decided to move out to Southern California to pursue my musical ambitions.  Musical ambitions?  Yeah, I was one of those long haired rockers back in the eighties and into the nineties.  The hair mutinied and decided to abandoned ship bit by bit as did the ambitions of being a rock star.  I still dabble when the creative kick in the head won’t leave me alone.  But, I’m not subscribing to Billboard to find out what’s the latest thing or hocking the furniture to buy the latest gear.

I am a freelance multimedia artist.  Graphic design, web-mastering, audio engineering, video editing, photography, photo retouch or whatever seems to blur the lines of such things is what I do.  Heck, even acting is in the mix.  Prior to this,I spent years in various careers such as a full time recording engineer running tape machines (remember those?) and making albums (remember those?).  Eventually I took a stab at the nine to five with benefits world of music instrument retail and did that for well over a decade.  Won awards and stuff too while I was at it but quite honestly I was pretty miserable most of the time.  I’ve learned so much at all my jobs. From mixing paint to cutting produce, the experiences and people along the way have taught me much.

Why a blog?  Quite a  few years ago, I started a website  about the 1966 Batman television series starring Adam West at Very soon after starting the site, I started to experience all kinds of adventures in the wonderful world of Batfandom.  As I wrote about it online, the reaction and feedback prompted me to share more and more about it.  The experiences were numerous and the adventures took me across the country many times as various people from all over the world wide web started to become close friends and colleagues in my real life.

So the question still exists.  Why a blog now?  Through my experiences, many other things happen or come to mind that don’t really fit simply in the Batman world.  Batman isn’t my life.  It’s just one of the fun parts of it.  So, I’m finally gathering together the many different facets of my thoughts, experiences, and some here and there nonsense to share with those who might enjoy it.  Batman’s still there punching away.  Music is still there banging around in my head.  But, there is even more.

I’ve said it before.  The journey is everything.  And if it’s a good journey, it’s best shared.  Fortunately, I’m incredibly lucky to share so many of them with my wife, love of my life and soulmate, Vickie.  She really is the girl of my dreams.  As of this writing, we’ve been married for over twenty years.  She’s my best friend.

It’s a fun life and I’m not done yet!

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