From the Files of the Batcomputer 34

The Batcopter with Owner/Pilot Eugene Nock

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It's the first new piece of equipment we see in Batman's arsenal against crime in the Batman 66 motion picture.  It comes equipped with a Bat Ladder, Bat Shark Repellent Bat Spray, and a mobile crime lab.  It's the Batcopter! 

John and Dan Greenfield of 13th Dimension sit down to discuss this aviation wonder.  But unlike their previous discussion of the Batmobile, they have someone who is quite familiar with the workings of the Batcopter.  He's owner/pilot Eugene Nock.

Eugene joins us to talk about how he first came to know Adam West and many of the cast on Batman back in 1966, how he acquired the Batcopter, and what the schedule is for its East Coast tour this summer.

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Eugene Nock is the owner/pilot of the original Batcopter as seen on the 66 television show and the Batman motion picture.  Eugene has logged in more than 14,000 hours in the air as a professional pilot.  He is the owner of Nock Entertainment FMX, a group that specializes in aerial shows both with air vehicles and trapeze artists.  Find out more by visiting his websites.

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