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The Wild World of Batwoman


John and Robert Long take on a Batman inspired movie that clearly was trying to cash in on the Batman craze with a heroine that calls herself Batwoman, has an army of Batgirls who help her fight crime, and that's about it.  Producer Jerry Warren exploited not only Batman, but the women in this movie about a mad scientist who wants to create a better world by having beautiful women mate with monsters he's created.  (At least, that's what we got out of it.)

John and Robert Long are watching their Bat-Monitors and are finding this one difficult to understand or appreciate even with thought it is in English. 

Take a listen and let us know what you think by commenting here or writing us at


Robert Long is a full time graphic designer and independent filmmaker.  As a first generation Batman syndication kid, he manages the 1966-68 Batman Television Series Group on Facebook.  He has had the pleasure to meet and work with Adam West and Julie Newmar with various projects in the past.  Visit Robert's production company - Smash or Trash Independent Filmmakingto learn more about it.

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