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World's Finest Comics #9 - Star-Spangled Kid

January 29, 1943

"Turn Back the Clock"

Before we get into the actual Batman story in this issue, we take a side trip with the Star-Spangled Kid. Why? Because Batman, Robin, and the Joker make cameos with actual interaction with the main characters of the story. I never read a Star Spangled Kid story and I believe that eventually he gains actual powers thanks to a staff that eventually gets passed on to Stargirl. I think. I've seen the first season of the Stargirl TV show and liked that and I'm assuming this is where it began.

The story deals with a bank teller who makes the mistake of taking a $10,000 deposit and betting on a horse with a bookie. When the horse pays off, the bookie feigns ignorance of the teller and he finds himself in legal trouble. He runs into the Star Spangled Kid and Stripesy, the latter offering to help him with a device he's invented that will allow the teller to go back in time and correct the situation.

Shades of Quantum Leap!

Well, in his second go round, the teller finds himself taking a deposit from the bookie that dissolves in his hands. He goes to confront the bookie and once again finds himself in trouble. But the Star Spangled Kid and Stripesy show up to help him. The bookie and his men make a run for it.

And here is where Batman and Robin come in. As the teller and our heroes are pursuing the crooks, Batman and Robin are pursuing Joker in the Batmobile. They exchange a few pleasantries before pointing out directions that their targets are moving off in and then separate. The story ends with the heroes capturing the bookie and his men. The characters don't appeal much to me, but it was funny seeing not only the Duo in the story, but the Joker with a big grin on his face. Stay tuned, Citizens as we tackle the Batman story next.

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