World's Finest Comics #8

October 30, 1942

"Brothers in Law"

Here is another story where it appears Batman and Robin play a secondary role as we deal with the primary story of an individual or individuals as they case is with this story. A Fed is killed by "Little Nap" Boyd, a Napoleon type as they shoot it out on the docks. The Fed's sons, Tim - a state trooper, and Dick - a detective, both swear to finish their father's case. There's one problem - neither son speaks to the other based on a disagreement over a girl.

They both take time off from their respective jobs and begin their search for Boyd. It seems hopeless until Tim gets a call that Boyd's men are robbing a jewelry store. Batman and Robin hear the call as well, but they and the police are halted from pursuing the crooks by a large truck in their path. Tim manages to continue as he is on a motorcycle.

He is stopped from his pursuit when he reaches the getaway car and is knocked out and captured. The crooks laugh at how silly all of them are as Boyd wasn't in the car, but rather was overseeing an even larger operation that nets them even more cash so they can leave Gotham City. But Dick has tracked them down and pulls his gun on them. He is knocked out by one of Boyd's men.

Meanwhile, Batman finds Tim's motorcycle. The driver of the truck was let go by the police when he said he knew nothing about what was going on, but Batman is not convinced. He catches up with the driver and threatens to beat him if he doesn't reveal where Boyd is. It works and the scene reminds me of a more modern Batman as he calls him a punk and all.

Boyd has the two chained to a wall and begins to throw daggers at them. Batman and Robin burst in and attack. Boyd gets away via a trapdoor. Batman sees the two are too tense and next time Boyd may kill them so he suggests they all work together, but the two refuse because they are not speaking to each other. So Batman suggests that Tim team up with him while Dick (named Nick in this panel) goes with Robin.

Both quickly learn that Boyd keeps a hideout on a camping ground. Both teams race there, little realizing the other team is going there as well.

Robin and Dick are the first to find Boyd as they draw him out from his cabin by setting a small fire and calling out. Once again, I have to call Robin's age into question here. At one point, Robin takes out two men with a double punch that causes them to hit themselves with their own guns. Then, he lifts one over his head so as to block a thrown object meant for Dick.

Boyd and his men escape in a trailer attached to a car. Robin and Dick follow him in the Batplane. Meanwhile, Batman and Tim arrive in the Batmobile. They see the escaping trailer and follow them. Robin notes Boyd escaping via a small roadster coming out of the trailer and the trailer itself being cut loose and heading towards the Batmobile. Robin has no choice, but to warn Batman.

The trailer blows up before it even reaches the Batmobile, having been rigged with a bomb. Robin guides Batman to an area of the woods where Boyd is hiding. Tim tries to subdue Boyd, but Boyd gets the drop on him. Dick jumps in and saves him and together they bring in Boyd. The incident brings the brothers together in the end.

A pretty good story. There is something when Batman is not the primary force in a story from time to time and this one works very well. What's next? Well, can you believe an issue of Superman? Stay tuned, Citizens!

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