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World's Finest Comics #13 - Paper for the War Effort

January 28, 1944

(Paper for the War Effort)

Before we get into the story for this issue of World's Finest, we need to take a moment to look at a short comic where Batman and Robin are involved in the war. It ties in with the cover we see for the issue. Actually, it's more Alfred involved as a kid sees Alfred carrying a pile of papers. Alfred explains that the paper is a weapon of war.

He then sees Batman and Robin also rounding up waste paper. Alfred explains that because of the war, there aren't enough people to chop down the timber to make paper products, including (gasp) comic books. But paper is also used in a variety of items that are essential for the war effort as well.

With this argument, Alfred is able to convince the young person to do his part by collecting paper and being conservative with its use as well. While paper recycling was not a new concept, indeed Benjamin Franklin was a staunch advocate for reusing paper, but I'm sure that with the war in play, recycling became more important to Americans than it did before. It's a one page piece, but it gets the message across.

Tomorrow, we'll pick up with the actual story of the issue, Citizens!

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