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World's Finest Comics #13

January 28, 1944

"The Curse of Isis"

As many know of me, I'm a fan of the 70s Saturday morning shows, Shazam! and The Secrets of Isis. While I know this isn't what we're going to get with this story, it is cool to see Isis plays a part in this story. Let's get into it.

A trio of merchant marine sailors are stuck in a bar in South Africa. They fear they will never see America because of either bad weather or German subs that can sink their ship. The bartender offers to take them to a swami who can bring them luck.

They go, skeptical of course, and the swami confirms that they are in danger, but he gives them a rabbit's foot each and tells them they will travel safely provided they turn the feet over to a swami in Gotham City.

Meanwhile, in Gotham City, another sailor finds himself being jumped by a gang of three as he departs from his ship. Bruce and Dick just happen to be walking the docks when they spot the commotion. They're able to save the sailor, but his rabbit's foot was stolen. Batman doesn't understand as he thinks the sailor got off easy.

Our three sailors arrive safely in Gotham, but Jack doesn't believe the foot had anything to do with it and refuses to go see the swami with the other two. In fact, he just gives it to a blind guy and when the other two sailors see the swami, he tells them their fate is linked with Jack's. The swami invokes the curse of Isis on them and says he will not lift it until they retrieve the foot.

Meanwhile, the swami has sent out his own men to look for the foot and they are particularly rough with the blind men they accost. Batman decides to look into it when he makes the connection with the sailor who had his foot stolen. And that's when they run into our two sailors who are begging the blind man for the foot. The Duo mistake it for harassment and grab the sailors. The blind man runs off in the confusion.

Once Batman listens to their story and offers to help, they race after the blind man only to find him murdered. He and Robin go to the swami's place and watch from the skylight as he meets another group of sailors and switches rabbit's feet with them. He then spots the two from the skylight and causes them to drop down to him.

Bruce Wayne was great at shot games in college.

The two are captured, tied up and left to die as the swami sets fire to his place. Batman spots a rabbit's foot that the swami left behind. He lights it and uses it to free Robin from his bonds. The two get out just as the place explodes.

Meanwhile, the swami and his men approach the boat Batman had the two sailors keep an eye on. When they approach the swami, he and his men attack. They put up a good fight, but are knocked out as the swami and his men ready the boat for launch.

Batman convinces the fire chief to let them have the fire truck as the swami's place is a lost cause. He agrees hesitantly and the two race to the dock where the boat has left. Batman uses the long ladder to reach out to the boat and he and Robin board it and take out the gang.

In the end, it turns out the rabbit's feet were used to smuggle diamonds into the country. Another strong story worthy of being called World's Finest. We haven't had a bad story yet here. And what's next? We're on to another anthology issue of Batman and the premiere of the Alfred shorts, Citizens!

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