Sunday Newspaper Story #5

March 26 - April 30, 1944


Honestly, as soon as I opened the image for this next story, my eyes rolled. Basically, a woman named Parker who took over her father's oil business when he passed has struck oil, but then the rig is destroyed by an explosive device. Bruce and Dick just happen to be there as it happens. Again, not spending any time setting things up as we learn from Parker that equipment had been damaged and workers run off in the past. She even put an ad in the papers for Batman's help against a man she calls Big Tim. And we set up the peril right from the start as Batman is quickly knocked out and left to die as they set fire to the area. Eh, this is so simplistic and I can imagine this story wrapping up in four weeks as we've seen so far.

Interestingly enough, the second installment does nothing really to push the story forward as Batman escapes, Parker goes into more detail about her troubles and Big Tim learns Batman is on the case. Considering that, I have to wonder if this is going to be a quick wrap-up as we've seen so far with only a 4-5 week story.

For the third installment, they spend a lot of panel space as the sheriff arrives to arrest the two on trumped up trespass charges. Batman "tricks" the sheriff, allowing the two to escape. They then go and trespass on Big Tim's land.

For week four, the sheriff is forced to warn Tim as he doesn't want to get in trouble and so they are somewhat prepared when the two arrive. They are captured and Tim plans to finish them off. Now, the question is, will this story wrap up next week with Batman escaping and getting the upper hand?

The fifth week has Tim place the two in a nitro truck and setting it on its way to Parker's oil field. They manage to stop it in time. And now with attempted murder charges, the sheriff and Batman can act. Will this be wrapped up in a sixth week, making it the longest Sunday strip so far?

The final week wraps up the story by having Batman drive the truck back at a breakneck speed towards Big Tim and his men. I liked this ending to be honest and could see this as an element in a Batman movie serial as he fools the men into giving up as they are afraid the truck will blow as it approaches them.

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