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Detective Comics #98

February 23, 1945

"The King of the Hoboes"

This has to be one of the most simplistic stories since the series started. A wealthy banker has tired of the business world and makes a pact with a hobo to experience his lifestyle with the offer of a job in return. The banker disappears and soon Batman and Robin are on the case. They try to get clues at the banker's home and find it being robbed by people taking advantage of the missing banker.

The robbers escape and the Duo learn of a paradise for Hoboes where they surmise the banker has run off to. There, they find the banker as well as the two robbers. They are quick to run them off, but they themselves are knocked out by the robbers and then tied to a handcar and sent off in the direction of an oncoming train.

They escape and return to halt a revolt the two robbers have managed to stir up in the hobo town. After capturing the two robbers, the banker realizes he could help the homeless more from his office in Gotham where he sets up a country-wide network of hobo towns.

Like I said, very simplistic, but a touching little story nonetheless. And what's next, Citizens? We're back to the Sunday papers for the comic strips.

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