Detective Comics #68

August 26, 1942

"The Man Who Led a Double Life"

After a month's pause, we get back into the story of the premiere of Two-Face. It's interesting to note that there is the usual text introduction that is used to fill in the reader of the story to date, but there is no visual representation to recap. Instead we just pick up with the story as Batman and Two-Face have reached a block in their struggle. Two-Face's coin has managed to land on its side, leaving Two-Face to let Fate decide what will happen next.

And the decision is made quickly as a well-meaning police officer barrels in and shoots Two-Face. He is saved from any damage as the bullet hits his coin in his pocket. It struck the scarred side and with that, Two-Face decides he will forever be a criminal. He escapes from Batman and the officer.

His first target is a doubles tennis match. Since the coin landed on the clean side, Two-Face donates his plunder to charity.

His next crime involves the kidnapping of Henry Logan, the match king. But Two-Face snatched the man's double, the person he hired and made up to look like him to attend social functions Logan wanted to avoid. Two-Face wants $200,000 for the man's return. Logan wants him back so that he can continue his hobby of making matchstick sculptures in peace.

Two-Face arranges with Logan to deliver the ransom, but his men bring Logan, but the double's wife, with the ransom. Two-Face points out the double is a bachelor as the two remove their disguises to show they are Batman and Robin.

Two-Face escapes after stunning Batman by flicking his coin at the Caped Crusader's head. The duo return with the double and Logan doesn't appear all that grateful, so Robin gives the match king a hot foot using one of his matches.

The next day, Two-Face shows up at the home of his fiancé and surprises her with a restored face. He claims he went through plastic surgery, but as they two have a candlelight dinner, his face melts away from the heat. He races off as Batman arrives.

Two-Face burns down the store of the man who created the wax mask for him out of revenge. The son of the wax worker gets his revenge though when he disguises himself as Getaway George, a known criminal. He works his way into Two-Face's gang and is there to help Two-Face make a getaway after he rips off a charity baseball game between the Gotham City police and fire departments with Batman acting as pitcher and Robin as catcher for the police.

Back at the hideout, Two-Face learns the son's identity, but is stopped from hurting him by Batman who arrives to capture him.

And so ends the debut of Two-Face. I really like this story. My only issue is that it was split up over three months, rather than two with the Penguin story in the middle. It makes no sense. But I will say I am looking forward to his return at some point.

And what's next? Stay tuned, Citizens!

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