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Batman Sunday Newspaper Strip - Story 7

June 11-July 29, 1944 (An Innocent Man)

Here's a common story we saw in many comic books, movies and radio shows of the 30s and 40s - the innocent man condemned to death and only one person can save him. In this case, Batman. But what's even more so interesting is that this story takes place over more than four weeks. In fact, it's about two months long.

There is one weird panel on the first week as one of the cops flashing the Batsignal imagines a man and a boy changing into their Batman and Robin costume. I mean, I'm sure that's not what he means, but it's just the way he said it that's weird.

The second week is mostly flashback as the two listen to the story of a man who is sentenced to die relays the story of why he is innocent.

For the third week, the two literally break into the home of the man who allegedly has the evidence that can prove the man's interest. (Duly deputized agents, anyone?). They are shot at by the owner.

The fourth week has the two striking out with the suspect and then proceeding to commit another crime as they break into the book store where the theft and murder happen.

The fifth week finds that the man they suspected, Steele, did indeed have a hand in the theft and murder thanks to a big mouthed stoolie who works for him. They two are captured and left with a keg of dynamite rigged to explode. The final three weeks show how the whole thing was a setup by the man who wanted to purchase the books in the first place. In the end, it's a shame that the first lengthy story for Sunday was one that frankly was pretty simplistic and featured a lot of tell not show in terms of Batman figuring out who the real killer was.

And what's next? We're back to Detective Comics, Citizens!

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