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Batman Sunday Newspaper Strip - Story 13

March 24 - April 28, 1945

(Cattle Rustlers)

A six week story featuring Native Americans and showing them in a good light and not as the enemy as many stories tried to in the 40s? Don't mind if I do. This one works very well and gives us a glimpse into Native American culture without playing up to the stereotypes that would often be seen. Mind you there is still the reference to the people as "Indians", but that can let go considering the time.

I also liked the final reasoning for the entire story, cliche as it might seem as it wasn't telegraphed - that being the rustlers trying to scare the Native Americans off their land so that the nearby caves could be mined.

A higher point story in this very uneven run of stories on Sunday. And what's next? We're back to the Batman comic book, Citizens!

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