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Batman Sunday Newspaper Strip - Story 12

The front of Bruce Wayne's home. Looks like a simple walk-up.

February 24 - March 17, 1945

(Alfred's Niece)

This is a basic imitate a person that has never been seen by the mark before story. In this case, it's Alfred who is the mark when he is overheard in the park talking with Dick about his niece whom he has never met. And then those folks who overhear him set up a scam to get $10,000. I thought it odd that Alfred refers to Dick as simply "Dick" as they talk in the park.

It's a simple little story with some cute moments such as Bruce pretending to be a butler because Alfred told his niece that he was a wealthy businessman. We also see Bruce offer $10,000 from his wall safe, suggesting that while he isn't listed as a millionaire yet in the series, he is a man who can afford to give such money to use, even when he knows he is danger of losing it when he twigs to the con.

So what's next, Citizens? We're going to take a look at Batman's premiere on the Superman radio show.

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