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Batman Sunday Newspaper Strip - Story 11

January 6 - February 17, 1945


What we have here is a very simplistic story that works nicely. If you remember, in the pages of Batman comics, the Dynamic Duo would introduce the readers to a different aspect of law enforcement where the two would then help in case that department was dealing with. Well, without spelling it out, that's essentially what happens here as the two visit a forest ranger and learn about the various equipment they use as well as help fight a forest fire.

The story then becomes a quest to find the person who started the fire. It has some interesting moments as we deal with the usual "suspected of being guilty because of your past" suspect. But I found the character of the uncle who invited this "suspect" into his home more interesting. The suspect is a former pyromaniac who went to jail for his tendencies that got out of hand. I found it interesting that the uncle invited him to the cabin in the woods as a means to cure him because the uncle was once a pyromaniac himself and the best cure is to watch wood burn. OK.

Anyway, it turns out the real fire starters are criminals who were hoping to create a diversion that our former pyromaniac would get blamed for which would allow them to rob a jewelry store. Like I said, simple, but it works and it was only six weeks long.

So what's next? We're back to Detective Comics, Citizens!


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