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Batman Newspaper Strip - Story 9

July 9 - September 1, 1945

(Apartment Hunting)

This has to be the first outright comedy for Batman since the premiere of the character. There have been comedic moments, but never one where the comedy is constant as Batman and Robin are sent on a quest by Gordon to find an apartment for the daughter of a big donator to the police benevolent fund. The thing is, in a city this big, empty apartments are a commodity.

Whether it's the outcome of some of their investigations or their somewhat immoral way of catching a criminal so their apartment would be available, it's no wonder Robin exclaims, "This case gets goofier by the moment."

And there's nothing wrong with the humor. You may think it's not that funny, but for its time and the pacing of the story throughout the summer of 1945, a time where concurrently, the Superman comic strip was running a very serious story about Japanese spies, this story works and works well. It's definitely one of the better newspaper stories to date.

And where are we heading next, Citizens? It's back to Detective Comics.


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