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Batman Newspaper Strip - Story 10

September 3 - November 24, 1945
(The Mystery of Finlay Gribbage)

This is a story that has a lot going for it. First, it takes place over two and a half months. Second, over that time, we only see Batman for a short time in the middle and towards the end. It's really a Bruce Wayne mystery. Third, while it isthe usual con artist/bunco story, it still manages to do it with a twist that works and keeps you interested in the long run of the story. Finally, it is a proper mystery with Bruce doing most of the detective work.

Take a read yourself and see what you think. Sadly, won't be able to feature the Sunday strip stories anymore as I can't find any to reference easily online. In a way, it doesn't matter as there's only one more year of this run of the strip to go. And what's next for us? Back to Batman in the comics.


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