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Batman #32 - Story 1

October 10, 1945

"Rackety-Rax Racket"

The story opens with the Joker looking over his riches and while we don't get a reference to his obsession with jewels, he does comment on the fact he's neglected them for some time.

Meanwhile, Bruce and Dick are commenting on a jewel Bruce got for Linda for her birthday. We haven't had a reference to Linda in some time. They watch as a college student plays a franternity prank on a police officer. Interestingly enough, Bruce is tolerant of the antics while Dick is not impressed. Ah, I say sometimes younger people have it right.

The Joker decides to use the initiation week to his advantage as he and his goons rob a jewelry store dressed as college freshmen. Batman and Robin intervene, but Batman is captured by the Joker. The Clown Prince of Crime then contacts Robin and tells him Batman will remain safe if Robin agrees to the Joker's initiation pranks.

Next thing he knows, he's shining shoes or selling ear muffs. Robin makes the connection though when he finds the men whose shoes he shined were all diamond merchants. The Joker's men followed them home thanks to the luminous substance in the shine. They then robbed the dealers.

Robin's next task is to buy a doll in a toy store below a jewelry store. He gives the clerk 300 pennies, all coated with a substance that starts a fire. Robin resists this time when Joker shows up to collect the jewels in the confusion.

At this point, Batman, who freed himself from Joker's lair, comes in to help. Together, they capture the Joker and his men. It's a simple end to the story, but it's not a bad one. I could easily see this one as being a Batman 66 story. We always talked about how Dick would go off to college for season 4, if it happened. This could easily be a story in that 4th season.

We'll continue with story two from this issue tomorrow.


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