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Batman #31 - Story 3

August 10, 1945

"Vanishing Village"

In Florida near the Everglades, a tour bus is touring the replica town of Alhambra of Turkey when they discover the entire town has vanished. Meanwhile, in Gotham, Batman and Robin are rounding up members of Knuckles Donegan's gang. The leader gets away and Batman is able to determine it ties into the missing town.

So the two fly down to Florida in the Batplane where Bruce disguises himself as Knuckles. He is picked up by a person who takes him to the missing town, hidden within the swamp. He is quickly discovered as fake though.

Robin arrives and he is captured just as quickly as Batman who off-panel managed to escape from his captors. The two are left to a room of carnivorous plants, but they manage to escape again. They round up the gang running the town with the help of the arrival of the Miami police. They also nab the real Knuckles and take him back to Gotham.

This is a really simplistic story with a great premise of the missing town. It's a shame they didn't develop it more. Stay tuned, Citizens, as we conclude our look at this anthology issue of Batman.


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