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Batman #31 - Story 2

August 10, 1945

"Alfred, Armchair Detective"

Alfred has a rare evening alone at the home of Bruce Wayne where he reads about a detective who solves all his crimes from his armchair. This upsets the butler who dons a disguise and decides to head out and capture crooks the way a real detective would.

As Benny the Mope, Alfred overhears a group of crooks talking about the recent penthouse robberies. He's caught eavesdropping and taken by truck to be dumped in the river. The road is very bumpy, so Alfred manages to lunge forward and knock into the driver, forcing the car off the road. The police arrive and round up the gang who tell how they managed to commit the crimes thanks to having one of the rich on the inside giving them the dope on the penthouses.

Stay tuned, Citizens, as we continue our look at this anthology issue of Batman.


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