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Batman #30 - Story 4

June 13, 1945

"Ally Babble and the Fourteen Peeves"

This is an interesting one. Earlier in the issue, we dealt with "Hush Hush" a villain who liked things done quietly. Now we have one with the gift of gab named Ally Babble. He helps a wealthy man deal with a problem tap dancer living above him in a violent manner. The man is impressed and offers Ally $5,000 for dealing with 13 other issues.

At one point, Ally pulls a man, who manages to hit every puddle, from his car and starts to rub his face in the patch. Batman and Robin arrive. Ally manages to escape, but his exploits are captured by the press and this gets the attention of two real criminals who begin to follow Ally.

They realize they can rob some of the folks that Ally confounds in fulfilling the list. This, of course, makes the authorities think they are working together. Meanwhile, Batman is called in by the rich man who sent Ally on a quest. He sees the chaos the man is causing and demands Batman stop him.

Batman does so and rounds up the criminals in the process as they try to rob the wealthy members of a club. In the end, Ally walks away as why he was mischievous with what he did, he wasn't criminal.

It's an interesting enough story, I guess. I do love the art, especially how Ally is drawn. Stay tuned, Citizens, as we conclude our look at the anthology issue of Batman.


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