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Batman #30 - Story 3

June 13, 1945

The Adventures of Alfred - "Alias the Baron"

It's another mishap adventure for Alfred, but it hangs on a very weak premise. A gang is looking for a crook called "The Baron" who has double crossed them. The Baron has an English accent and the crooks know he is going to be at the train station.

There, Alfred is seeing Bruce and Dick off on their vacation. As he turns to leave, he reaches for his handkerchief to mob his brow. And here's where you have to roll with the story as Alfred grabs a handkerchief and wallet from the pocket of the Baron as he passes. It's all the crooks need when they hear Alfred talking and assume he's the mark.

The Baron meanwhile realizes he is missing his wallet with the money he took from the crooks. He sees one of the gang (he's able to recognize them, but they not him) and follows as they take Alfred to be executed. The Baron gets into a gun fight with the crooks and Alfred uses the opportunity to startle the driver of the car, who crashes it.

I love Alfred and I'm fine with his goofy adventures, but this one is just not a good one at all as Alfred really doesn't even cause the mishap to happen that causes the crooks to be caught as in other stories. It's more he's in the middle of the struggle between the Baron and the other crooks.

Stay tuned, Citizens, as we conclude our look at the anthology issue of Batman.

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