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Batman #30 - Story 2

June 13, 1945

"While the City Sleeps"

The story opens as Batman gives Robin a taste of the night life in Gotham City. But it's not the club scene they look at, Batman shows him who is up and about making the city run from doctors and nurses to police and firemen to telephone operators to produce sellers.

Things quickly change as the two discover a man breaking into a safe. But he is putting money in and not taking it out. He wanted to return the money as a way to show a women he has fallen for that he has gone straight. Problem is, the gang is belongs to isn't happy about it and they, led by "Hush Hush" Bodin, arrive to stop him.

There is a fight, but in the struggle, the honest thief Joe is shot and Hush Hush escapes. Batman gets him to a hospital in time, covering for Joe by saying he was helping the two stop the criminals. Joe is more worried about his girl, a ballet dancer. Batman offers to return the money and then meet with the woman.

When they do meet, Ann suggests they talk in the theater. There, Batman notices that Ann walks pigeon-feet, suggesting she's not a ballet dancer and this is a trap. And the two are quickly captured by Hush Hush and his men. They are placed in the bottom of an elevator shaft with the car heading towards them.

They manage to escape by short-circuiting the car. They speak with the night cleaning lady who overheard them talking about using Joe's favorite nighttime radio show to lure him from the hospital, thinking he's going to Ann. It works, but after checking with the station, Batman and Robin are able to save Joe from being killed by Hush Hush. The two end their evening with a well deserved milk break thanks to an early morning milkman making his rounds.

I like stories like this where we learn something of the time with antiquated ideas like telephone operators and milk men while also getting a decent crime story for Batman to resolve. I don't think I could see this though as a Batman 66 episode

Stay tuned, Citizens, as we look at another adventure with that sleuthing butler, Alfred.


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