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Batman #30 - Story 1

June 13, 1945

"Back to the Big House"

The Penguin is back on the scene and he quickly makes his presence known with several heists. Batman has no clues to work with so he comes up with a plan to draw him out. Batman contacts the mayor (first time we've seen them interact) and convinces him to promote a fake event at the zoo with Emperor Penguins being crowned with expensive jewels.

It works and the Penguin appears, but is able to escape from the two after an extensive chase. The next night, the two catch up with him as he attempts to rob the luxury goods section of a department store. They are captured by his men, tied under a series of mattresses that is set on fire. They manage to escape though. A quick fight follows and they round up the Penguin and his men.

You know, this story really has no hook to it. It's simply the Penguin being pursued by Batman and Robin, but there is nothing in any way elaborate about the prop. There is no detective work involved as we never see Batman figure out how he knew the Penguin would rob from the department store on the second night. It's a shame as the Penguin stories have been quite well written so far. Guess they can't all be winners.

Stay tuned tomorrow, Citizens, as we continue our look at this anthology issue of Batman.

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