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Batman #29 - Story 2

April 13, 1945

"The Butler's Apprentice"

It's funny how formulaic these Alfred comics have become. Alfred finds a new means to improve on his detection skills, he stumbles unknowingly on the criminals and then in a comedy of errors right out of a silent film, he captures the bad guys.

This time, it's an opportunity to learn about gems while teaching his teacher how to be a butler. It's a ruse, of course, as the wannabe butler is a criminal hoping to case a home that he will get a job as a butler at. The gems Alfred learns about are real, booty from a previous crime, which the crooks slip in his pocket when they think the police are approaching.

Alfred discovers them and tries to return them only to tumble on their whole scheme. He then takes them down, once again, by mistake. As much as I love Alfred these stories are getting tiresome. What's next, Citizens? We're on to the third story of Batman.

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