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Batman #29 - Story 1

April 13, 1945

"Enemy No. 1"

There are times you open a Batman comic and read through it and then think, "This would make a pretty good Batman 66 episode" and then there are times you don't even get past the first page and wonder how this missed the Batman 66 producers' notice. The whole concept of a villain who is obsessed with being number one at everything and when he desires something he cannot have, a first edition Shakespeare folio, he decides to become the first in his family to turn to crime.

Adam Frank comes from a family of means and he's used to having his way and watching as he turns to crime makes perfect sense for such a selfish individual. As an example, he fakes an accident in a subway tunnel at its opening in order to act the hero and rush past the mayor who was supposed to be the first to descend into the subway platform. It's all ego and pride driven and the transition to crime works when he is denied what he wants.

It's a perfect set up, right down to the henchmen having gimmicky names.

And while he doesn't have a catchy name like other Batman villains, he works on a level like Zelda the Great. His life of crime, like hers, is a means to an end. Unlike Zelda, he manages to put together a team of cohorts to help him and they all have numbers from 2-4 in their names with him reminding them that he is number one.

Anyone ever see a comic caption, "HUH"?

The rest of the story is pretty standard Batman comic as the two are led on a chase by Frank who uses the skills of his henchmen to commit his crimes. He also has an arsenal of repellent weapons, like itching gas and tear gas to hold back the Duo. He gives his men weapons too, like an extending boxing glove that packs a wallop.

And since his MO is to go for firsts in his crimes, it's easy for Batman to predict where he will strike next, including a ice show that is about to premiere. This leads to a Batfight on ice skates which then leads to the two being captured and placed in a Battrap.

Caught in the Batman's trap and now for the final Batfight.

It all culminates in a final scene at a museum as Frank and his men steal a pair of Egyptian statues. They are surprised that the museum features statues of the Dynamic Duo which then come to life and take out the men in a final Batfight.

Could so see Adam and Burt delivering these lines.

This could easily be a first season episode towards the end of the season. My only quibble would be that with a gimmick like this, it's a shame Frank didn't return and perhaps take on a villainous moniker. Stay tuned, Citizens, as tomorrow we're on to the Alfred story for this issue of Batman.

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