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Batman #28 - Story 2

February 14, 1945

"The Great Handcuff King"

Alfred is in it up to his neck again as we get another story of his trying to be a detective and then inadvertently stumbling on to a crime. This time around, it involves handcuffs as he wants to learn how to use them effectively to restrain a criminal. He buys several pairs and is so excited to show them off, he visits a fellow butler to demonstrate.

But his friend has been called away by a sick aunt and his replacement is clearly shady looking, but Alfred is clueless. He offers to show off his new skills by handcuffing the fake butler to a pole. As he searches for the key, the rest of the gang shows up under the guise of plumbers. But Alfred quickly realizes they are there to rob the safe. He gets into a scuffle with them and in the process, manages to cuff them together. The police come in and take them away.

It's a cute story, as they all are, but the gimmick of Alfred being clueless is starting to get stale. We'll move on to the third story in this anthology tomorrow, Citizens!

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