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Batman #24 - Story 4

June 9, 1944

"The Mayors of Yonville"

In the town of Yonville, elections are being held for Mayor and there is one familiar looking character in the race - Tweedledee or Tweddledum. We're not sure which, but it doesn't matter as he makes the claim you get two for one when voting for him and sure enough, his cousin is also campaigning two blocks away.

The race draws the attention of Bruce and Dick who come to the town without any preamble this time, which is interesting. They quickly realize their suspicions when they see the cousins win the race and some of their gang go to rob a bank to celebrate. Of course, Robin asks the million dollar question - where's the profit in crime in a one street time like Yonville?

They quickly round up the two and are shocked when Mayor Tweed thanks them and invites them to see their trial. Indeed, it looks like the Tweeds are going down the straight path, taking on the roles of police chief, judge, and town council. They sentence the two to five years hard labor for their crimes, but then things take another weird turn as Tweed proclaims the case against Batman and Robin.

Turns out, they are being charged for damaging a sidewalk plank they used to apprehend the gang members. They are sentenced to thirty days in jail which Batman agrees to. While they are in prison, we learn that the Tweeds bought a house in town with the rights to a mine that was thought to be dry, but instead has gold in it. Tweed claims he will turn it over to the town.

And we quickly see the scheme the Tweeds are spinning. They offer the mine to the town, but they need money to develop it, so the town pitches in. And then when there are dividends from that, they convince the folks to reinvest the money. Batman reads about the offer in the paper and realizes the scam the two are pulling.

This is so Batman 66.

They escape from their cell with the use of a road repair tractor. They confront the two who insist they are legit, offering to show the mine. Despite Robin's warnings, Batman agrees to give them the benefit of the doubt. But it's a trap as the two are caught in a cave-in.

The two escape and manage to capture the Tweeds who get caught in an explosion of their own doing as they laced the mine tunnels with dynamite which off beneath them as they drove away, The explosions reveal actual gold in the mines and since the town owns the mine now, they are rich.

They elect Batman as Mayor, which he accepts temporarily as he helps them get set up before taking the Tweeds to state court. All in all, a charming story that has some real Batman 66 moments. This could easily be an episode of the show, perhaps even their introduction.

And what's next? We're back to the newspapers, Citizens!


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