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Batman #24 - Story 3

June 9, 1944

"Police Line-Up"

This is a cute, quick story as Alfred is given the opportunity to study criminals in a police lineup. He hopes to develop a range of knowledge of criminals on par with Batman. Soon after, with all the faces swimming in his mind's eye, he sees someone he recognizes from the lineup and follows him to a building where the man is surrounded by other crooks who plan to kill him.

Alfred steps in and manages to stop the men via his usual awkward movements that cause them to fall apart. He learns the man he was following was a police detective who was reading out the names of those in the lineup. Rather than admitting his mistake, Alfred chalks it up to his superior detective skills, but Bruce and Dick are skeptical.

Like I said, a cute little story. It did make me wonder if we will ever see Alfred tangle with the likes of the Joker or Penguin. In any event, tune in next time as we wrap up this anthology issue, Citizens!


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