Batman 1943 - Chapter 8

September 3, 1943

"Lured by Radium"

As always, you can check out what writer Jim Beard and I thought of the chapter in our podcast. The player is attached here. But here are a few other thoughts I had as I rewatched it for the blog.

Batman is saved as Robin throws the power switch, stopping the elevator. They race off.

Linda looks particularly lovely in this scene.

And then we come to beginning of the end of COLTON as Linda has decided to look for him herself. She seems more concerned with finding him than her own uncle. She wants to go to his mine and see if he is there. Sadly, the mine is where COLTON will ultimately meet his end as he reveals where the mine is to Daka.

I love the Native American who is only just so patient with the ignorant white man asking for water. He and the others of Daka's men keep COLTON hidden on the floor of the car as they make their way to the mine.

And then comes a comedy of errors as COLTON gets away from the gang and Bruce and Dick go looking for him by traveling to the mine. It all leads to the cliffhanger as COLTON lays a trap for the gang by placing dynamite in the passage beneath his cabin. There is an explosion that looks like it gets them all, but sadly, it appears there will be only one casualty.

Stay tuned, Citizens as we move on to chapter nine.

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