Batman 1943 - Chapter 6

August 20, 1943

"Poison Peril"

As always, you can check out what writer Jim Beard and I thought of the chapter in our podcast. The player is attached here. But here are a few other thoughts I had as I rewatched it for the blog.

Oh yeah, Batman didn't bail out in the nick of time from the crashing plane - he just climbed out of the wreckage and then pulled the two zombies from it. He is also able to retrieve one of the headgear they wear.

Meanwhile, I forgot we do get one more scene with the Japanese sub before it is destroyed by the American fleet off the west coast of the United States.

Everyone's happy to see Colton.

And then comes the moment I've been waiting for. COLTON! He has hit a lode in his prospecting that is rich in radium. And our man Daka learns of it too as he has a listening device put in Linda's apartment. But Dick finds the device and breaks it.

But let's get back to talking about COLTON. The man is incredible. He's rugged. He's a prospector. He fights better than Batman and Robin as he takes on three men who try to ambush him as he returns to his hotel room. It's only when they all gang up on him that he struggles a little and that's when Batman and Robin step in. Yes, after Daka's men escape, the doctor has to give COLTON a sedative, but I think he deserves it after the day he puts in

And just how cool is COLTON? Alfred cosplays as him when Bruce suspects COLTON is being led into a trap. He keeps the appointment and sure enough, it's a trap where Daka's men try to learn the location of the mine. Batman and Robin swing in and fight the traitors. In the fight, some electrical wires get loose and then chemicals are spilled causing a fire and eventual explosion.

But COLTON is safe. So what's next? We're back to Detective Comics, Citizens!

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