Batman 1943 - Chapter 13

October 8, 1943

"Eight Steps Down"

As always, you can check out what writer Jim Beard and I thought of the chapter in our podcast. The player is attached here. But here are a few other thoughts I had as I rewatched it for the blog.

As we discussed in the podcast, there is some spectacular footage for 1943 of the warehouse on fire. We never did find out what movie they cribbed the footage from as it's hard to believe they shot all that footage themselves. Although it would explain why they couldn't give us a proper Batmobile if this is where they spent the money. ;)

This is another episode where not much new stood out to me as Batman and Robin chase down a lead on where Linda is being held captive. We do get one of the better cliffhangers though as Linda is about to be turned into a zombie and Batman is trapped in a room with spiked walls moving towards him. (Shades of Batman 66!)

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