Batman 1943 - Chapter 12

October 1, 1943

"Embers of Evil"

As always, you can check out what writer Jim Beard and I thought of the chapter in our podcast. The player is attached here. But here are a few other thoughts I had as I rewatched it for the blog.

Weirdest thing about this one. Alfred is waiting outside and hears the explosion and runs off as Batman and Robin miraculously emerge from an opening in the ground. They get in the car, Alfred runs back, gets in the car and drives off. Not a word said about what happened.

And as we mentioned in the podcast, another good instance of Batman being a proper detective as he picks up the cigarette that killed Marshall in the jail cell. Bruce then studies it in his lab. And of course, a cute moment with Captain Arnold and the cigarettes.

Honestly, not a whole lot more to add to this one as Daka makes the connection between Warren, Linda, and Batman and lures her into his clutches in order to get Batman to follow. It all leads to a fight in a warehouse where Batman is trapped in another fire, mind you a pretty spectacular one that needs the fire department called out to take on.

And this all leads to our look at Chapter 13 next, Citizens!

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