Batman 1943 - Chapter 11

September 24, 1943

"A Nipponese Trap"

As always, you can check out what writer Jim Beard and I thought of the chapter in our podcast. The player is attached here. But here are a few other thoughts I had as I rewatched it for the blog.

This cliffhanger resolves as typical ones resolve of the time with an inserted scene we didn't see at the end of the last chapter. Batman leaps from the car as he loses control, just before the car goes over the side and explodes.

I'll tell you, Wilson as Chuck White is much more interesting than as Bruce Wayne/Batman.

How is it the bondsman doesn't think it odd that the kid who has come to spring his father on suspicion of prowling has a British chauffeur with him?

Something about accents or lack there of in this chapter. Early on, Nash seems to lose his heavy stereotypical Japanese accent as he greets his two men returning with the radium. And for whatever reason, Wilson's Boston accent is more defined than usual. It's very distracting.

This was a pretty boring chapter and I think Jim and I felt that after the excitement of COLTON, what else was there left? Stay tuned, Citizens, as we go back to the comics and an issue of Detective.

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