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Batman #11 - Story 2

April 15, 1942

"Payment in Full"

This is an interesting one as Batman and Robin capture robber and murderer Joe Dolan. Dolan is confident he will not go to prison as he has an in with the district attorney, Benson. As a child, Benson was saved from being run over by Dolan. The two struck up a friendship despite their different backgrounds and eventual different paths.

But shortly, Dolan makes his escape from his cell by faking an illness. Batman and Robin visit Benson for information on where Dolan might be hiding out and Benson leads them to a tunnel in the sewer Dolan used in his youth. Benson shoots when he hears them approach and hits Benson, but the DA insists he's fine and wants to keep up the chase.

They pursue Dolan out to the street where the gangster hijacks a car with a young woman driving so Batman has to "borrow" a car. Once again, Batman basically steals a car in order to pursue a criminal. Why bother with a Batmobile if Batman is going to help himself to the cars of Gotham City citizens? Mind you, he's got the DA's blessing this time.

A car chase follows with Dolan's driver losing control and crashing the car. Dolan makes it to the bridge and jumps, knocking himself out when he hits the water. Benson dives in after him with the Dynamic Duo following to help. Benson gets Dolan to shore and is unaware to resist because of his gunshot wound when Dolan readies to kill him. Despite their youth and Benson saving him, Dolan reveals that he is only out for himself and he needs Benson out of the way to keep Batman off his tail.

Batman and Robin arrive and take down Dolan. The story ends with Benson being nominated for governor while a finally regretful Dolan being led to the electric chair.

Another cautionary tale with a moral lesson from Bruce to Dick at the end. It's very short and to the point and works. What's next in our anthology issue? Stay tuned, Citizens!

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