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All-Star Comics #10

February 18, 1942

"The Case of the Bomb Defense Formula"

If you thought Batman's appearance in All-Star Comics #7 was a cheat, this issue is a downright con. At least in issue 7, Batman does make an appearance, albeit at the very end of the story; but here, it's a different story. The cover of the issue sports the honorary members of the Justice Society with a story set five hundred years in the future. And Batman is mentioned twice and only seen once - sort of.

The story opens as the JSA rescues a group of scientists involved in the war effort. One of them has a formula that can act as a perfect air defense, but he cannot remember it. The League decides to travel 500 years into the future thanks to a device one of the scientists has developed. They leave honorary members Green Lantern and Flash behind to guard the scientists. Batman and Superman get their first mention as they are too busy to help.


The League finds that the elements for the formula are scattered across the earth. We then proceed to have each member of the League's story. When we come to Doctor Fate's contribution, we get our second mention and visual of Batman. The Justice Society are considered heroes in the future, but their appearance suddenly from the past is met with skepticism. Fate is shown a museum display with the honorary members of the League at the forefront including Batman.

And that's it.

They gather the elements, go back to the past, and the scientists are able to develop the defense device.

I wonder sometimes if these comics are worth referencing, but eventually, Batman will play a more substantial role in the JSA. And we're back to Detective Comics with our next entry. Stay tuned, Citizens!


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