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Second Thoughts: "Fine Finny Fiends/Batman Makes the Scenes

So, here we come to the end of the road when it comes to the first season. I think I had more fun talking about this episode than actually watching it. So, with that said, what about a second look?

- I think I know how Alfred was able to build his Alf Cycle in the season two. He was buying cut rate products for Bruce Wayne and using the money he saved to purchase the materials needs for the bike while also investing in the stock market as we saw in season two.

- Another episode starts in the den and there isn't even any dialogue before Bruce and Dick take the call. They had to have known they were going to need to cut back on the established opening, even then.

- Never caught Alfred's hands sticking out of the Penguin Box. It's a shame this was a plot point they didn't explore in later episodes. It looks like Alfred has a rough turn in the box. For that matter, Penguin manages to forget him in future episodes which is weird considering how integral Alfred is to Penguin's plot here.

- I find the crosswalk scene in the new animated film all the funnier now as we watch the two jaywalk here.

- Why is O'Hara congratulating his men when Gordon gives the news of Alfred's return to Batman? It's not like they had anything to do with it.

- Love the mug shots of William Dozier and Howie Horowitz.

- It's a short scene, but I loved it when we got location footage of any kind on the show. It added realism to the story.

- Never really noticed until watching it again why Octopus has the name he has as he grabs hold of Robin before Batman saves him.

- Shark may be the brightest one of them all as he's about to clobber the duo once they are knocked out. As he puts it when Penguin stops him, "They're still breathing." Would have saved them all a lot of time and trouble if Shark just finished them off, but Penguin has other ideas.

- If I knew how to make a gif, I'd make one of this scene. Come on, you'd do it too if you could.

- The brokers building that Alfred pulls up to is a bank in the second season Black Widow episode.

- This kind of scene with Gordon and Bruce is interesting. Currently, with the third season episodes, we talk about economy of writing to move the plot along. We already had Batman establish that Bruce knew the location of the dinner. Contact with Bruce could have happened off-screen, but not only is it on-screen, but it's in an outdoor location as well.

- Love those hi-tech computer graphics.

- I also love how Alfred struggles to not reveal the details of the millionaires dinner.

- Alfred's exclamation of "Batman! Master Robin! Oh, what have I done!" as he's sprayed with the gas has a clear comic book vibe to it.

- Octopus lives up to his name as he hovers behind Penguin with his arms floating about, ready to grab his share of the money.

- Will always love when Penguin's goons proclaim, "The Dynamic Duo!" in shock at their appearance out of the safe.

- Let's also take a moment to remember the super-imposed title graphics during the fights. This is the last we'll see of them on the series. They will appear in the movie, but with the second season, we'll get title cards. Another sign of the times and tightening budget.

So, after half a season of 17 two-part episodes, where do we stand?

1: The Joker is Wild

2: True or False Face

3: The Joker Goes to School

4: The Bookworm Turns

5: Death in Slow Motion

6: Hey Diddle Riddle

7: Instant Freeze

8: The Curse of Tut

9: The Purr-fect Crime

10: The Joker Trumps an Ace

I really liked this episode, but when you see what comes before it, it still doesn't rank up there as a top ten. Also, I've said it before, the only reason I give the Penguin any love is because of Burgess Meredith. He is my least favorite of the Rogues Gallery.

I have already covered the 66 movie so next on the agenda is to move one to season two with the Archer to start.

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