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Second Thoughts: BATMAN: THE MOVIE

In all honesty, this is probably the one piece of Batman 1966 I've seen the most. During any of the gaps in airings of the series, the movie was still available to watch at some point. And then there was the release of the DVD years before the series release.

And yet, there are still things I notice in another viewing:

- Right off the bat, I was thinking to myself how the sets for Wayne Manor look a little bigger in this movie and then I see the little nook off to the side of the Batpoles in the study. It's where Alfred goes to take the elevator to the Batcave.

- The third cop from the right who salute the duo as they fly on the copter looks like Adam Corolla.

- Watching this on the weekend of the 50th anniversary of the movie's release and will soon watch Sharknado 4. Why Adam West is not given a cameo in a Sharknado movie I'll never understand. He was the original shark fighter.

- Still can't understand why Robin chose to do the acrobatics to hand Batman the shark repellent.

- Love the press conference Batman holds.

- Also love Batman's pose as they watch the video monitor.

- Of all people to deliver the Commodore his tea, why the Joker? Mind you, it sets up a great line.

- As the Batboat races to the buoy, there is one shot where Robin is wearing headphones. I forget if he does this in any actual scenes in the movie or in any future episode using footage from the movie.

- This is a violent movie. There is a shark, a porpoise, and five goons who die in this film.

- Childhood memory: The scene with Batman calling the Admiral to see if any surplus submarines were sold is usually where a commercial was placed when the movie aired on the 4:30 Movie on ABC in New York back in the 70s.

- As Robin and Alfred follow Bruce and Kitka, Robin reports in to Gordon, telling him they are passing the Benedict Arnold monument. Who in their right mind would have such a monument?

- In looking at this movie, I'm more convinced that the first season has a cinematic quality to it. Watching this movie, save for the missing opening and Batfight music, feels like a longer episode.

- Love the shocked look on Alfred's face when he and Robin spy Bruce and Kitka kissing.

- And both fights Adam does as Bruce Wayne - PURE ADAM WEST.

- One error from the podcast - Burt Ward gets a brief scene as Dick Grayson when Bruce returns after his escape from his captivity. He even gets a line.

- To be honest, it's the ending that lets the movie down. After a great start and some great action scenes, the only thing to look forward to in the ending is the fight on the sub. Otherwise, I could care less about the United World storyline.

Not going to rank this among the TV episodes as it's much more than that. There are those who look down on this film and point to some of the episodes combined as a better potential movie. That may be true, but this movie will always have a place in my heart as it kept Batman alive for many years when the TV series wasn't accessible.

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