Second Thoughts: "The Joker Trumps an Ace/Batman Sets the Pace"

Check out the podcast review with author/podcaster Kevin Lauderdale.

Got a little off on these second look at first season episodes, but we'll spend the month of August making up for it. So far, I've really liked the Joker out of all the villains in the series. I know there is a lot of love for Frank Gorshin's Riddler and it's well deserved, but in seeing him in interviews he really wasn't stretching as much, simply cranking his manic up to 11. Cesar Romero was a different sort who transformed when he put the makeup on. And I appreciated that.

This story though is a little off in its telling. It still doesn't take away from what is a great performance and making it one of the better of the first season.

Here's what I took away from a second viewing: