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Second Thoughts: "The Purr-fect Crime/Better Luck Next Time"

I have said on the podcast that even a not so great Catwoman episode with Julie Newmar is elevated because of Julie Newmar and this one is no exception. There are better episodes in her run as the Princess of Plunder, but this is still good.

In rewatching it, I noticed a few things:

- After weeks of mentioning her, we still don't get a look at Catwoman in the teaser. It's a nice touch. Have to wonder though what the comic fans thought of what they saw in the brief teaser from the week before and the opener here.

- I mentioned on the podacst that this is the first time we see Bonnie, but there is more to it than that. I think this is the ONLY time we see Bonnie.

- Alfred once again simply tells Bruce he has a phone call. I don't recall this being a device so many times in preiovus viewings. (But then, as I was looking at so much at the time to review, it probably slipped my notice.)

- Mr. Andrews says he has followed Batman's exploits for years. We've tried many times on the podcast to figure out how far in Batman's career the series takes place. He has clearly met most of the villains in previous encounters. Zelda the Great took place over three years before Batman was brought in to the case, so we have that. We're not told the year of "Batman's Anniversary" (CORRECTION: Thanks to listener Julie Harp for pointing out that we are indeed told it's ten years in "Batman's Anniversary". My apologies for the mental gaffe as I think we did discuss it on the podcast review of the episodes.)

- It's funny, but the cat puns were never as obvious compared to other themed villains.

- Later in the episode, Batman chides Robin for holding the radioactive cat too close to him, but in the museum scene, Robin is pretty close as he sprays the cat with the radioactive mist. In fact, Batman is too earlier in the scene.

- You could always tell when Adam's stunt double was in the fight scene. Not only was his build a little stockier, but he always grimaced, whereas Adam had more expressions on his face. Plus, I think only Adam got to do what I call, "The Double Punch" in the closeups.

- The Batbeam is different in this episode. In a previous story, it was a ray that emitted from the headlamps. Here, it's like a bolt of lightning coming from an extended antenna.

- Catowman makes a refernce to Damon and Pythias. Considering in a later episode, she comes across as not so well read when she compliments Batman on his vocabulary, this is pretty impressive. The story refers to a legend surrounding the Pythagorean ideal of friendship.

- We joked about the sonics Batman used to "split the tiger's skull" in the second part. That tiger still looks like he's got some fight in him, even as he settles down.

- I love the backstory dealing with Captain Manx which is the basis for Catwoman's scheme. I wish there had been more of this in the series. Oddly enough, it will be in several episodes of the third season, but it will be more as a throw on in order to link the story together.

- We're currently reviewing the third season of episodes and commenting on how sad the set design is. When you look at the system of caves that the duo chase Catwoman through, it makes it all the more sad. Yes, it's not as big as it seems as the director was wise to shoot from different angles, making it look bigger, but its still impressive.

I know I'm going to surprise many fans with how I rank this story in relation to the others so far, but I have to be true to how I feel. It's a good story, but not as good as some other Catwoman stories will be and not as good as some other stories in general. It's Julie Newmar who elevates this one with her performance.

1: The Joker is Wild

2: True or False Face

3: The Joker Goes to School

4: Hey Diddle Riddle

5: Instant Freeze

6: The Purr-fect Crime

7: A Riddle a Day Keeps the Riddler Away

8: Zelda the Great

9: The Thirteenth Hat

9: Fine Feathered Finks

And next week we've got the return of the Penguin in a story I feel is much better than his debut story. How much better? Stay tuned, Citizens. Same Bat Time, Same Batcave Second Thoughts.

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