"The Ring of Wax/Give 'em the Axe"

Aired March 30/31, 1966

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The Riddler returns to Gotham with a supply of wax smuggled into the country.  But what does he need the wax for?  What does it all have to do with a book on rare Incan treasures?


Joining John to talk about one of the better Riddler episodes in the series is HeyKids Comics Podcast host Andrew Leyland.


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Andrew Leyland - Born. Reads comics. Watches bad TV. Somehow found a woman that puts up with him and had three kids. Puts out a weekly comics podcast called "Hey Kids, Comics!" With his eldest son every Thursday on TwoTrueFreaks.com.


Andy mentioned in the episode how Frank Gorshin released an album with the song, "The Riddler".  Here, he performs it on the Dean Martin Show.

TV Guide cover story on the Batman 66 series was released on this week.

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