"Hi Diddle Riddle/Smack in the Middle"

Aired January 12/13, 1966

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The Riddler has plans for Batman in the form of a lawsuit claiming false arrest, but Batman knows the Riddler is not as innocent as he seems. Can Batman deduce the Riddler's scheme from the puzzles he's hidden inside the lawsuit?  Can he figure out that Robin isn't Robin?  And can we find all the ideas that would be repeated throughout the series that first led to its success and would ultimately lead to its downfall?


Joining John for the first episode of the podcast is author Dayton Ward.


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Dayton Ward is the author of numerous media tie-in fiction works in such realms as Star Trek and The 4400.  He is also the author of such original works as Counterstrike, The Last World War, Book 2 and The Genesis Protocol. When he's not writing or working for a software design firm, he's busy indoctrinating his two lovely daughters into the worlds that have so seriously warped his mind.

Cover to Batman 171, 1965

Cover to Batman 171, 1965

How did they manage to smoke?

How did they manage to smoke?

A lawsuit!

A lawsuit!

Some images from the issue of Batman that started it all for producer William Dozier.  

Does some of it look familiar?  Compare the images with the scene from the episode above.

Issue of Batmania, a fan magazine, that was released the month the series debuted.

Issue of Batmania, a fan magazine, that was released the month the series debuted.

Promotional images ABC used as the premiere of Batman approached.

TV Guide did a Close-Up of the very first episode.

Click on the image to read this review of Batman by critic Cleveland Amory.

Credit - The Albert Bryan Bigley Archives

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