"Zelda the Great/A Death Worse than Fate"

Aired February 9/10, 1966

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The Gotham City Police Department have an unusual criminal on their hands.  For three years in a row, the April Fool's Bandit has been robbing banks of exactly $100,000, leaving behind millions more in the vault.  The identity of this mysterious bandit is unknown and Commissioner Gordon has called in Batman and Robin to investigate.


Joining John to discover the identity of this mysterious bandit (if the title of the episode didn't tip you off) is Mighty Movie Podcast's host Dan Persons.


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In his twenty plus years as writer and film journalist, Dan Persons has interviewed the likes of Paul Verhoeven, Wes Craven, Stuart Gordon, Satoshi Kon and John Kricfalusi; published the well-received novella, "A Game of the Apocalypse", in The Ultimate Silver Surfer, edited by The Chronic Rift's own Keith R.A. Decandido; and been an occasional, and somewhat peculiar, guest on the public access incarnation of the Rift. He presently is the host of Mighty Movies Temple of BadMighty Movie Podcast, and The Cinefantastique Podcast when he isn't haunting the dining room of his local Popeye's.


Detective 346

Detective 346

Cover to Screen

Cover to Screen

The fifth episode features our first villainess, Zelda the Great.  But was she really a villainess?  In the comics, the magician was a man, but the producers changed it.  Note this is the first episode taken from Detective Comics (#346).

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