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"The Bookworm Turns/While Gotham City Burns"

Aired April 20/21, 1966

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A failed writer with an obsession with books has his sights on a rare collection of priceless works in the Gotham City Library.  But how does he plan to get past the near indestructible doors?  Batman and Robin match wits with the leather-clad Bookworm as played by Roddy McDowell in an episode that offers a number of firsts, including the first use of the harpsichord (which we totally forgot to mention in the podcast).


Joining John to talk about The Bookworm is RevCast host and DragonCon American Sci-Fi Classic Track director Gary Mitchel.


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Gary Mitchel is a writer, reviewer, geek blogger, gamer, sf/fantasy fan, comics reader, podcaster and International Man of Mystery (who’s too dangerous for the entire country of Canada) currently living near Seattle. He is co-host with Deanna Toxopeus ofRevolutionSF’s RevCast, the site’s weekly geek and pop culture discussion, which was nominated for a 2012 Parsec Award. It’s a convention panel in your iPod!


He has also appeared on the Shauncastic, Good to be a Geek, Cyborgs: A Bionic Podcast, Earth Station One, and Saturday B Movie Reel podcasts. He can be found on the Facebook and followed on the Twitter as @gary_mitchel (and yes, it’s his real name).


Gary is also a frequent panelist at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, where he is the Co-Director of the American Sci-Fi Classics Track. There, he has discussed Sci-Fi TV, zombies, movies, video games, zombies, cartoons, comics and zombies. Some attendees have stated that he is “hilarious,” and Gary swears that said people are not related to him.


This episode was created specifically to celebrate National Library Week.  Learn more about the continuing celebration by clicking on the image above and see what is being planned for upcoming Library Weeks.

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