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"Catwoman's Dressed to Kill"

Aired December 13, 1967

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Catwoman is back in Gotham, but she's looking a little different this season.  Eartha Kitt takes over the role, replacing Julie Newmar who was appearing in a film at the time.  Curiously, the dynamic between Batman and Catwoman is changed where the sexual tension is almost gone.  Instead, Catwoman is obsessed with Batgirl.

Joining John to discuss this episode is podcaster Michael Falkner (The Weekly Podioplex).  In addition to talking about the missed opportunities of this story (including the idea that Catwoman is literally invading a foreign country when she replaces the queen in her embassy), they also discuss the possible reasoning behind the change in the relationship with Batman and Catwoman.


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Michael Falkner is a writer, podcaster, and photographer living in the Atlanta area. A graduate of the University of Utah and the University of Arkansas, a Navy submarine veteran, and an incurable science fiction geek, he has been writing, give or take, since he could hold a pencil.

Since 2011, he has hosted The Weekly Podioplex, a movie and television news podcast on The Chronic Rift network. Before then, he was a writer and producer for The Scapecast, the Parsec Award-winning podcast about Farscape. He has also contributed to various other podcast productions, most notably The RevCast on RevolutionSF and The Chronic Rift's Roundtable. Michael is also a frequent panelist for the American Science Fiction Classics Track at Dragon Con, and is also one of the founding members of the Dragon Con Newbies group, which helps newcomers of the annual convention.

As a writer, Michael has been published several times, including genre essays on RevolutionSF and He is also the author of the Timestamps Project, a series of reviews of the long-running Doctor Who television series. His work can be found on his site, Creative Criticality.

A recent documentary on tvOne featured the controversy when Eartha Kitt spoke out about the Vietnam War at a White House luncheon.

Eartha Kitt, in her own words, about the controversy.

Eartha Kitt talks about playing Catwoman.

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