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"The Sport of Penguins/

A Horse of a Different Color"

Aired October 5/12, 1967

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It's very odd that Burgess Meredith returns so quickly in this early part of the third season.  It's even more odd that they pair him up with Ethel Merman as Lola Lasagna in the first two-part story of the season.  And in many respects, it's a wasted opportunity as the two are used more as a Vaudville act more than anything Batman-related.  And yet, this look at Penguin trying to horn in on the horse racing world has more weight to it than Riddler's previous attempt to become the "King of the Ring."


Joining John to discuss what worked and what didn't work in this story that could have been a one part story is podcaster, The Hunnic Outcast.


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