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"Catwoman Goes to College/

Batman Displays His Knowledge"

Aired February 22/23, 1967

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Julie Newmar makes her final bow as the Catwoman in an episode many fans remember fondly.  Catwoman decides to follow the straight and narrow as she enters college.  But the theft of a statue of Batman from the college and a found beanie cap are all the clues Batman needs to figure out Catwoman is up to something.  


Joining John to discuss this episode and Julie Newmar's legacy as the Catwoman is View from the Longbox's Michael Bailey.


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Michael Bailey has an illness.  While most people would call his comic book collecting a hobby he knows what it really is - a hopeless addiction.  Luckily he has harnessed this personality defect into a weekly Internet radio show.  Mike is a DC guy but likes Marvel just fine.  He prefers the super-hero genre but frankly as long as it is a solid read he’ll try just about any sort of comic.


Mike is a Pieces, (his birthday is February 29th as a matter of fact) enjoys cold weather and enjoys a variety of hobbies that rarely involve the outdoors.


Currently Mike lives in the Fortress of Baileytude, which is carved into the side of a mountain above scenic Fayetteville, GA.  Somehow he has lucked into having a beautiful wife named Rachel, who is very much an enabler and, for some reason, puts up with his dumb ass.  Together they own a small poodle named Boo, the cutest six pounds of evil you will ever see.  His day job is acting like a department manager for a big box office supply store.

This episode of The Green Hornet aired on the Friday following this week's episode of Batman.  it is notable for guest star John Carradine as the murderous Scarf.

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